Medical Responder Roster*

10:00 p.m.–5:00 a.m.
(Sunday Evenings to Friday Mornings)
Assistant Chief

Steve Hosch

Gordy Dehmer

Station #1
Company “A”
Company “B”
Company “C”
January • April
July • October
February • May
August • November
March • June
September • December

Kevin Vogel, Capt. #11
Shane Suchy, Lt. #1
Roland Anderson
Greg Becker
Chris Etnier
Dave Green
Karl Kessler
Dan Lundeen

Eric Bullen, Capt. #12
Kyle Gammell, Lt. #2
Jim Eicher
Dustin Kottke
Jeff Pelowski
Gary Schoen
Bill Welborn

Grant Sahr, Lt. #13
Steve Gutknecht, Lt. #3
Aaron Case
Todd Frenger
Ken Kremer
Nick Tangen
Calvin Schoen
Station #2
Joe Haller, Dist. Chief
Tim Fiedler, Capt. #14
Chris Marshall
Tim Slavin
Jordan Thompson
Mikal Knotek

*If on vacation, it's the member's responsibility to find a replacement.

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